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The Manipulative Whisperers: The model tells a story

If you listen carefully you will hear them. They sit motionless in every classroom, on top of desks, waiting to tell a story. Without the story they are nothing.  What’s most difficult is that you can’t speak for them because the … Continue reading

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More than one way to skin a task!

I tried “the Big Pad” with a 4th grade class and my anticipation of possible solutions was way off!!!  I mean, c’mon Graham, think outside the box. Our students attacked this problem in more ways than a charter bus filled with senior citizens attacks an … Continue reading

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No Numerals Allowed in Math Class

Take a moment to think about how we learn language. We start out by listening to parents and family members for the first two years of our life and then we eventually begin to talk.  Only after we have learned … Continue reading

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Visual Patterns and Functions: How Input/Output Tables Belong in 1st Grade

As part of the #MTBoS 3rd mission we needed to choose a collaborative website and I want to give a huge shout out to @fawnpnguyen and http://www.visualpatterns.org/.  I have used her website in the past for developing k-2 lessons and if … Continue reading

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