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Long Division Algorithm: No More “GUZINTA”

First off…if you’re an elementary school teacher and you’re not reading Joe Schwartz‘s blog, stop reading this, go subscribe and come back!  Great stuff!  It seems we are always diving into the same conversations with our teachers which is awesome!  Last … Continue reading

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Why Do I Blog?

“Why do you blog?” was the question that Dan Meyer recently asked and I thought it was a really good one. I’m relatively new to the #MTBoS although I have been a “blog creeper” for some time…I figure I’ll share my response: So in … Continue reading

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Understanding Content Beyond Your Grade Level

Imagine having a conference with your child’s 2nd grade teacher and the teacher says… “your child is doing really well in reading and a lot of her questions stretch my thinking”.  As a parent you’d become super stoked, proud of your … Continue reading

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No Numerals Allowed in Math Class

Take a moment to think about how we learn language. We start out by listening to parents and family members for the first two years of our life and then we eventually begin to talk.  Only after we have learned … Continue reading

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To Run or Walk in the Rain

So it’s time to start taking this blogging thing seriously because it’s time I become intentional about reflecting. Conrad Wolfram’s 2010 TEDTALK asked What is Math? and at the top of his list was “Posing the right question.” And that’s … Continue reading

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Never Stop Learning!

So I have shared Dan Meyer’s blog ( with a couple of my math friends but I need to share with all after this week.  He mathematizes the world to a degree I now strive for.  @ddmeyer uses video clips from television … Continue reading

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