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3-Act Task: A kindergarten lesson captured

Over the past few months I’ve been asked for videos that capture a 3-Act Task being taught in the elementary grades. I didn’t have any, or know of anyone that has captured an elementary 3-Act except for this Teaching Channel piece. … Continue reading

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Geometric Subitizing: A Different Kind of Number Talk

These Geometric Subitizing Cards have been in beta the past two years. I asked our buddy Joe Schwartz to take them for a test drive last spring and he reported back.  Joe’s all in. How do they work?  Let’s play… Last week I took them for … Continue reading

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The Task Graveyard

It’s where my ideas go to die.  But like the mighty phoenix, I have one idea for a task that keeps rising from the ashes. It just won’t die. If Bruce Willis was a math task, I’ve seen his face. … Continue reading

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Building a Conference

I’m currently serving on the 2017 Orlando Regional Program Committee and honored to work with some great folks. When we met over the summer there was one thing we knew right from the start, we want this conference to be different. … Continue reading

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Making Sense of Invert and Multiply

As elementary teachers, we rarely have the opportunity to explore division of a fraction by a fraction.  When we do, it’s normally accompanied with Keep-Change-Flip or the saying “Yours is not the reason why, just invert and multiply.” Both are conceptual … Continue reading

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The Multiplication Sundae and the Bad Taste of Incentives

Earlier this week I received an email asking for incentive ideas for a school wide fact fluency focus: Hi Graham, I need some insight about math facts and incentive programs. I follow your site and have read Not Your Mom’s … Continue reading

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3-Act Tasks (#49, #50, #51)

They come in waves. It’s both a blessing and a curse. Seems like everywhere I walk there’s a perplexing question I can’t just let go of. The bug of mathematization has hit my entire family. My wife is a teacher and for … Continue reading

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Becoming a Better Storyteller

I recently had the amazing opportunity to be 1 of 6 speakers at ShadowCon16.  The whole premise of ShadowCon is awesome and full credit goes to Zak Champagne, Mike Flynn, and Dan Meyer for having the vision and bringing this all together. … Continue reading

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Be the Teacher: Moving from Counting to Cardinality

Cardinality…what is it and what does it look like? If you’re not a kindergarten teacher you might be left shrugging your shoulders if someone asked you to define cardinality. Before students can own the idea of cardinality, they need to have … Continue reading

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The Progression of Addition and Subtraction

The more I create… the more I learn.  Here is the 3rd installment of this whole Making Sense Series which has truly forced me to be a better teacher.  A more educated teacher. I can’t stress enough how much I’ve … Continue reading

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