Let the Good Struggle Begin (Georgia’s K-12 CCSS Math Units)

These are really exciting times to be a math educator in Georgia.  In March, a group of K-12 educators came together to Be Less Helpful and create more Open Middle tasks.

Over the past 3 months we hunkered down in front of our computers to revise existing tasks and create new ones…Yesterday was release day!  The units have now been posted for all to see (elementary, middle, and high school).  When the window opens, expand any grade level on the right hand side and you’ll find all the units there, ready to download. When you look at the table of contents, all of the new additions are marked with an asterisk.

To find copies of the frameworks in word CLICK HERE and launch yourself into the K-5 Math Wikispace.

While surfing you might find some tasks from the peeps in our @MTBoS.  If you want to know why we are doing this, Mike Wiernicki has this great write-up that has been included in the grade level overviews.

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K-8 math consumer trying to listen and learn each day. Stay thirsty my friends!
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5 Responses to Let the Good Struggle Begin (Georgia’s K-12 CCSS Math Units)

  1. Thanks for your dedication to this task, gfletchy! Such satisfying work, finally come to fruition. Love the new tasks. The Guide to 3-Acts, Formative Instructional Practices, and Number Talks will be posted by Monday of next week! Hooray!

  2. Joe Schwartz says:

    Love it and can hardly wait to start digging in. Your work will resonate far beyond the borders of your state. You might be interested to know that I was at a meeting a few weeks ago in Trenton at the NJDOE. In the afternoon we met with the guy in charge of our state’s site (njcore.org), kind of a clearinghouse where teachers can upload plans and ideas, and linked to what’s called our “model curriculum”. I asked him if he was familiar with what was happening in Georgia, at least where math was concerned. He was. He said that you guys were years ahead of us in terms of getting resources for teachers up online. Great job!

  3. elsdunbar says:

    I’m secondary certified and work in a middle school…but, went to the elementary modules b/c I’m teaching an undergrad Math for Elementary Teachers. These are fantastic!!! I love how so many of the ideas that I see floating around from the #MTBoS are incorporated into well designed lessons and activities. Kudos to you and the team that worked on the project.

    • gfletchy says:

      Thanks Bridget for the kind words. I’ll speak on behalf of the creators in saying that nothing makes us happier then knowing that you’re finding these resources useful. As Turtle mentioned, the work shared throughout these frameworks are the result of a collaborative effort from the top down. The DOE’s vision to work outside the lines is why we have the product we do. Our limitations as writers were… well… what limitations?!?!?
      So glad to hear that you’re inoculating the preservice world with best practice. Super excited to hear about the great things happening in Maryland. Just promise us one thing… WHEN you make them better, send it back our way 🙂

  4. turtletoms says:

    Big thanks to everyone involved in the development of these units and additional support materials, and to those who assist in the wiki conversations. All of us are smarter than one of us. We just need to keep making the tasks better, and more open…

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